My name is Sandra Carvajal. I was born in 1978 in Prague into a family of architect and illustrator. From the beginning my whole life has been orientated in the artistic direction. Actually during my early childhood, it was quite natural for me to create something and develop it in myself. I started to attend drawing and painting classes, traveling and visiting museums. I studied scenography and furniture design at the high school and used to help in a theater association with costumes and stage production. From practical reasons I continued to study Architecture and Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. I think that on one side, the architecture should combine art with the practicality and culturality of living. On the other side, I have learned very well to be patient thanks to the time spent on projects, which still is a benefit for the kind of technique I use in painting. At the University I also tried in addition to architecture, how to work with porcelain, how to paint a nude, or create sculptures from clay and other materials.

However, my main field of study was architecture, which I done for a living 15 years after my studies. I have experience with building houses, reconstructions and interior design - both private and public. One of my last interior contracts was a restaurant in the center of Prague in 2012, for which I already created my paintings as decorations. Since then I have been practicing only painting that I have not studied, and I am also looking for my own techniques and ways to paint! People say I have to be very patient with all the structure that is in my paintings and they are right... That is what architecture taught me. It is also very important for me to paint in such a way that the painting can fit in the interior as a part of it, rather to calm down the inhabitants and let them be brought into another space, which can be hiden within the abstract picture. I love abstract pictures because they cause feelings and moods and often ideas in people…

The best thing is that even the viewer's moods are reflected in the picture, so everyone can find in my pictures what they were looking for in themselves for a long time. I mostly work with canvas and acrylics, but I also like to use combined techniques with the help of spray, dry and oil pastels and pencil.


1994 - 1998 / School of Applied Arts Prague
1998 – 2003 / Academy of Art, Architecture and design in Prague / architecture and design
2000 / Praktikum in der KTH Stockholm / KTH Stockholm, Architecture


Galerie Josie Eastwood 2020
Radion Amsterdam 2020
Luxemburk ArtFair 2019
Prague Caffe Zahorsky 2019
Bratislava Caffe Galerie 2019
Hotel Energie Prague 2016
Osho centrum Skalka 2016
Bad Liebenzel Caffe Badhaus 2019

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